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Modern Dining Room
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With a Psychology in Health and Well Being background having an understanding of how the environment can shape our behaviour and affect our mood is hugely beneficial to me in property styling.  This perception of space is decided within seconds of us entering a space and is key to securing a tenant or sale.  As a landlord myself I appreciate that the expense of furnishing a property can be a costly outlay.  As a tenant for years I appreciate that it may not be my house but it is my home and I want it to feel like I belong there.  To this end styling properties for landlords to maximise their income whilst creating homes for tenants, KM Property was created.

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Creating a desirable lifestyle need not be a costly exercise.  We work with clients to source quality pieces of furniture that are style specific to the property being let.  Rather than offering furniture packages that are generic, we offer a service that is bespoke for each of our clients. 


We believe that furniture used in rental properties needs to be of a high quality.  A good sofa should last many years and not have to be replaced with each new tenant.  Therefore we may use ex-display items to keep the cost down but the quality high.

Using KM Property Styling you will be guaranteed a bespoke look for your property. Each item of 

furniture that is listed in the inventory list below will be yours to keep allowing you to reuse tenant after tenant.

The styling of your property will be specific to the 

architectural elements of the property, the demographics of the tenants you are targeting and the yield you are hoping to achieve. 

From sofas to spoons, cushions to candles at KM Property Styling we can transform your property maximising your rental and securing a tenant.


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